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Ivy Chanel is not good - she’s fantastic.”

- Simon Cowell / Television Producer & Judge of X Factor



Hey Party Peeps! I am Ivy Chanel.

Who is Ivy Chanel? A little bit about me: I am a Professional International Singer/Entertainer who takes her listeners and audience on a musical journey by singing different genres and languages (Cherokee - Tsalagi, Spanish, French, Brasilian Portuguese, Hebrew, and Italian). Think of me as a vocal DJ who gets the party started and invites her audience to be part of the joyous experience.

Professional International Singer, Vocal Coach, Producer, Songwriter and an Author.


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Ivy Chanel Musical Art Project will be available soon. All donors will have the first preview of my new Tunes, so make sure you sign up for my mailing list.

Thank you in advance. Wado (Thank you).




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Show your Love by planting a seed in Ivy Chanel's garden. Your kind monetary support goes directly to Ivy Chanel to help her create more music and tour with her band to bring live music of healing, Love, enlightenment, and good vibes to the people. Ivy Chanel, thank you in advance, and small amounts are appreciated!

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